September 19-22, 2024 - Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho - A gathering of camper vans and overlanders over the autumnal equinox weekend at the gateway to the Sawtooth Mountains. Enjoy live music, natural hot springs, amazing trails, while camping as a community under the stars.
Vanquinox 2024: A Return to Roots
Vanquinox 2024: A Return to Roots

Vanquinox 2024: A Return to Roots

In the heart of Idaho, where the Sawtooth Mountains pierce the sky, we gather again. Vanquinox 2024 returns with a new spirit and an old soul. There are no tickets this year. No price of admission. We will meet on public land, free and unbound.

From September 19-22, 2024, near Grandjean, Idaho, the mountains will welcome us. The rivers will sing their endless song. The campfires will cast their ancient light on our faces.

We have capped the gathering at 50 vehicles. This is not to exclude but to ensure intimacy, to foster true connection. It is an invitation to those who seek the company of like-minded wanderers, the solace of nature, and the joy of shared stories.

Bring a gift. Share your bounty. It might be food or art, a song or a tool, a simple kindness. Contributions to our community are expected. Not demanded. For self-reliance is not just for oneself. It is for the neighbor. For the friend you have yet to meet.

This is no expo. No crowded marketplace of distractions. It is a gathering of souls under the autumn sky. A place to find what you have lost and to lose what you no longer need.

If you have been invited, you know why. If you feel the call, answer it. We will see you there, in the shadow of the Sawtooths, where the road ends and the journey begins anew.

Vanquinox 2024. Come as you are. Leave as you will be. Click the link to opt-in to the email list to receive signup information.